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WBF is a non-profit members’ forum and think tank to promote a greater cultural, commercial and political understanding between the UK and Belarus. Based on the principles of British Belarus Chamber of Commerce and, it is designed to take the lead in building relations between our countries and helping its representatives in a wide range of issues. 

Our Team works diligently to forge new opportunities both foreign and domestic for its members while delivering events, building connections, and offering marketing solutions.

WBF provides an ideal network for business, culture and political people to facilitate dialogue and thus create opportunities for cooperation. 

WBF maintains a special interest in Public Affairs, Legal Services and Tax Development. As such, it regularly hosts events highlighting these key points of interest including workshops, seminars, and conferences. Other popular events include social, networking, and sporting events with underlying professional premises. The numerous activities WBF delivers allows its members excellent targeted marketing opportunities while instilling a keen sense of camaraderie.

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