WBF Event December, 13 2018

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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen! 

Our first event is over. We want to thank all those who attended the event. We hurry to share the news with those who could not arrive.

The meeting was opened by the chairman of the Westminster Belarus Forum Sergei Artimenia: "Our initiative is not completely new. To a certain extent, it is a continuation of a good tradition that already existed here under the auspices of the British-Belarus Chamber of Commerce. It is called the Westminster Belarus Forum."

We joined forces with the Westminster Russia Forum. Why WRF? Westminster Russia Forum promote cultural, commercial and political understanding between the UK and Russian. As much as it may sound, for the British people Belarus is perceived as a Post Soviet country, often associated with the Russian Federation. WRF is also known for its  Russophobia Awareness Campaign. In this regard the support of WRF is also important for us as the Belorussians are not just Russian-speaking, Slavs and because we are a small country.

We are very pleased that we are supported by the our partner in the name of Saint Petersburg State University, which, through its National Economy Research Center, is already working on a number of projects.

As Maxim Buyev, Director General of the National Economy Research Center of Saint Petersburg State University, said: “In my opinion, such cross-border business initiatives are very important during periods when things are not very good on the political arena. Business is often above policy. This is especially felt in Saint Petersburg which is historically closely connected with Scandinavia and Germany. Both Russian and Western businessmen are equally affected by the sanctions. They are negative about what is happening on the political front. Organizations like Westminster Belarus Forum help fight prejudices, help establish contacts, build a business even when, on the one hand, the West is blamed for all sins, and on the other, the Russians."

Full text of the speech of Maxim Buyev at the link.


"Starting from the for National Economy ending with serious British businessmen with whom I had the opportunity to communicate and who are now investing hundreds of millions of pounds in Russia and expressed interest in Belarus, I realized that this way is more effective than promoting Belarus as a single state", concluded Sergei Artimenia. 

What are we going to do in 2019?

  • First and foremost, help businessmen of both countries to find business partners to create and run a business on the opposite side.
  • Second, help those businessmen who faced socio-cultural and other barriers in doing business or, in simple words, who are in trouble.
  • Third, promote cultural exchange and political understanding to overcome the British citizen's desire to succumb to the “toxic” image imposed by the media on Russian-speaking people.
  • Fourth, help charity organizations through information, fundraising events, as well as direct assistance.

Westminster Belarus Forum Event on December, 13 2018.

Westminster Belarus Forum Event on December, 13 2018.